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About OpenERP

OpenERP Beutiful Business Application

NetbeamERP Introduced OpenERP First Time in Central India.

OpenERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software actively programmed, supported & organized by OpenERP s.a. OpenERP is similar to many open source projects where customized programming, support, and other services are also provided by NetbeamERP Technology.

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OpenERP is an open source alternative to SAP ERP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Adempiere, Compiere, OFBiz, Openbravo, and other enterprise resource planning software.

Finding ways? With NetbeamERP you can take up your business to advanced, effective and strategic level. Track your every business move any where and any time. To be most competitive use our cloud based technology. consult NetbeamERP AT

All your applications in one single solution

Install new features on demand

With thousands of business applications, get all the features you need in one single solution.

Once you use OpenERP for one application, you get the flexibility to deploy new apps, launch new departments or integrate new activities in just a few clicks.

No need to train users, to configure the system or to integrate with other applications.
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Next Generation ERP Software

The advantages of ERPs, without the disadvantages
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Get all your business apps integrated with each others without having to buy a one-block, expensive, ERP solution..

The more apps you install, the more your process becomes integrated and automated.

100% Open Source Software

No license cost, only quality services

OpenERP and all its modules are fully open source, released under the AGPL license. All our dependencies are also open source to avoid any hidden cost. Pay only for the Support, Maintenance & Customisation services you get through OpenERP Enterprise.

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Try it for 15 days for free

No commitment and no credit card required
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